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Friday, 31 March 2017

#Pedogate: Human trafficking and pedophilia a silent epidemic, cops and politicians involved

Brently Kopopolous

While stories like the FBI investigating President Trump's 'Russian connections,' the London Car/Knife Attack, and the flop that was the GOP's new healthcare plan dominate the headlines, there were a number of stories that just fell through the cracks.... into the basement, where they were murdered, chopped up, burnt, and the remains buried by Hillary's goons.

Jennifer Williamson posted a short video that went viral of her son, Aaron, getting a thorough pat-down all because he has Sensory Processing Disorder and she requested an alternate screening procedure. They were held for over an hour, missed their flight, and then Aaron was given a ridiculously intense groping by a creepy TSA agent. Here's the video: [...]

Most, if not all, of the comments on the original video condemn this weird standard procedure. As of this writing, the video has been viewed ~5.6 million times and has about 58,000 comments and almost 100,000 shares. Seems like a lot of folks have a problem with this. Does TSA care? Not really.

What could this young kid, wearing naught but a t-shirt and shorts, be carrying on his person that might present a threat on an airplane? Clearly, there's no way he could have a gun or an explosive. Why the ridiculously extreme pat-down? Further, when you consider that he has a disability which is known to cause bizarre reactions to sensory input, why on earth would you go ahead and give the kid an extreme rub-down?

Then I recalled this article from earlier in March, TSA Introducing New, More Invasive Pat-Down Method, which details the new "comprehensive" pat-down procedures:

The agency is now proactively warning airport officials that people might find these new patdowns odd, notifying employees of "more rigorous" searches that "will be more thorough and may involve an officer making more intimate contact than before."

"Due to this change, TSA asked FSDs [field security directors] to contact airport law enforcement and brief them on the procedures in case they are notified that a passenger believes a [TSA employee] has subjected them to an abnormal screening practice," ACI wrote.
Catch that? They're warning the cops that people may approach them with allegations of sexual assault. The new practice is so intrusive, flyers are apt to think their screener is doing something wrong. Looking at the above example, that seems self-evident.

On the topic of sexual assault, over 2-dozen black and latina teens in Washington, DC, have gone missing all within the last few weeks. But nary a mention of this from the lamestream media. This story-gone-viral began with a tweet by @BlackMarvelGirl and the internet really stood up and took notice. As of this writing it has ~176,000 retweets and ~41,000 likes. 

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