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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

NATO terror cell? German Army officer infiltrated Syrian refugees, planned terror attacks against German state, arrested in Europe-wide raid

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A German Army officer arrested on suspicion of plotting an attack had procured a firearm and registered himself as a Syrian refugee, prosecutors said. He may have attempted to put the blame for the possible assault on migrants, local media reported.

The arrest was accompanied by searches at 16 locations across Germany, Austria, and France, according to the prosecutor's office. The officer is stationed in France but was assigned to a military facility in Hammelburg for qualification courses, where he was arrested.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Nadia Niesen of the Hessen prosecutor's office said the suspect also had a potential accomplice - a 24-year-old student who might have been involved in the alleged plot.

"It is understood that the accomplice was aware of the [prime suspect's plan] to register as an asylum seeker," she added.

On Wednesday, investigators secured valuable evidence during searches, including "numerous mobile phones, laptops as well as documents." Niesen also noted that firearms and ammunition had been found at the 24-year-old student's place of residence.

According to the prosecutor's office, the 28-year-old was first detained by Austrian police when he attempted to conceal a 7.65mm pistol at a lavatory inside Vienna International Airport. The use of the weapon was part of his plot to commit "a serious act of violence" in the form of an attack, Niesen stated. 

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