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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

'Bigger than Iraq's WMD': The 12 fake news stories that form 'Russiagate'

Alexander Mercouris
The Duran

Examination of the evidence for every one of the 12 claims made about Russiagate shows that they are untrue.

As others have pointed out, June has been a cruel month for believers in Russiagate. I had previously expressed the view that it would collapse in early summer, ie. around now. Whilst that has turned out to be over-optimistic, the scandal is certainly sagging, what with the revelations from within CNN about the cynicism with which the scandal is being seen there.

I would add in passing that in Britain CNN revelations have been entirely unreported.

In any event, since the scandal looks to be sagging, and may be in the early stages of collapse, this seems to me a good moment to give a comprehensive overview of all the various claims which have made over the course of the scandal, and to see how they stack up. I will therefore deal here with them all, concentrating initially on the three which are by far the most important.
(1) The Russians hacked the DNC's and John Podesta's computers and stole the emails they found there

This is the original, central claim in the Russiagate scandal. Every other claim which has been made by its believers stems from it. Should it ever be proved to be untrue then all the theories which have abounded during the scandal, and all the claims of Russian meddling in the US Presidential election and of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, will collapse.

Not surprisingly believers in the scandal therefore insist on the truth of this claim. To deny it, or to express skepticism about it, is to open oneself up to charges of being a Kremlin stooge or a Putin apologist or - worse still - an agent of the Russian government. Unsurprisingly no political figure in the US is prepared to risk that, with even Donald Trump - the only politician in the US who has ever publicly expressed doubts about this claim - saying nonetheless that he still "believes" it.

In reality the evidence for Russian hacking of the DNC's and of John Podesta's computers is extremely thin.
No agency of the US government has examined these computers. The only examination of the computers which has taken place, and the only investigation of the hacking allegation which has been carried out, has been the work of a private company - CrowdStrike - whose opinions the relevant US government agencies have simply accepted as true.

I have never come across such a situation before, where a police agency bases its conclusions not on its own investigations but entirely on the opinions of a private detective agency.

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