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Friday, 6 October 2017

The Las Vegas Massacre and Occam's Razor

Niall Bradley and Joe Quinn

With 59 people dead and over 500 injured, last Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas was the 'worst-ever' for the US, beating the previous record death toll set at an Orlando gay nightclub all the way back in June 2016. Just as folks had been remarking how long it had been since a (major) mass shooting in the US of A...

The official story is that this brazen massacre on October 1st was solely the work of a wealthy 64-year-old white American retiree, Stephen C. Paddock, resident of Mesquite, Nevada, with numerous other properties around the country, and frequent-visitor to 'Sin City'. With no apparent motive, Paddock single-handedly acquired an arsenal of heavy guns and thousands of rounds of ammo and shot up a country music festival at The Village open-air concert venue on the southern end of the Las Vegas 'strip', all from two broken windows in suite 135 of the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel and Casino.

Despite an early claim by 'ISIS', courtesy of Rita Katz's dodgy SITE Intelligence outfit, that Paddock 'saw the light' a few weeks back, turned his back on the finer delights Vegas has to offer, and became "a soldier of the Caliphate", investigators have since reported that there are no credible links between him and international terrorism. Sadly, no one will ever get the chance to ask Paddock about his motives or if he had any accomplices because by the time Las Vegas PD broke down the doorway to suite 135 at 11:20pm, Paddock had already eaten a bullet. Why he would kill himself after setting up an elaborate camera system to warn him of security personnel approaching his suite is left unexplained. Why would he kill himself after wiring $100,000 to the Philippines, where his girlfriend was waiting for him? Today, Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo gave another press conference where he stated that there was evidence that Paddock planned to escape, but could not publicly provide the evidence.

Paddock had no criminal record, no history of violence, no military experience, was "not an avid gun nut", had no particular religious or political views, and was not previously known to law enforcement. Nevertheless, authorities say, this is the man responsible for planning and conducting - at great personal expense, and requiring significant technical training and expertise - an operation in which he could fire off 1,000s of rounds from 23 "modified semi-automatic weapons", spraying the crowd below and, over the course of some 11-12 minutes, becoming America's Most Insane (Yet Disciplined) Mass Shooter. Ever.

Case closed? It is for the authorities, but many in the general public are not buying it, and for good reason.  

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