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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Mainstream media campaign exploits children for regime change

RT America

From Eva Bartlett at In Gaza:

Cohen notes that corporate media is relying uncritically on sources affiliated with known terrorists, such as Qusay Noor (see below link).

Important mention is that of the “serial harasser , a central figure in the ongoing schemes exploiting Syrian children to stimulate public support for US military intervention.” 

Also, around 3:00 into the report, note the part about Kerry admitting allowing ISIS to grow. 


Eastern Ghouta in the shoes of Aleppo: the media propaganda again [Good breakdown of the terrorist factions within eastern Ghouta]

My Feb 22 thread showing alliances between corporate media’s darling #Ghouta
photographer, Qusay Noor, and terrorists of Faylaq al-Rahman, and also Jaysh al-Islam (the folks who put civilians in cages as human shields) #credibility #neutrality.  Pulse’s Idrees Ahmad calls him “heroic”.

-regarding Bana hoax part 2: Muhammad Najem’s *interesting* connections
Absurdities of Syrian war propaganda [incl. Bana’s memoir]

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