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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Skripal Likely Poisoned by British Intelligence in Effort to Smear and Silence Russian World View

Joe Quinn

The anglo-American establishment hates Putin because he took the broken pieces of a Soviet Union that was supposed to be one more Western vassal state and fashioned them into a modern, sovereign Russian Federation capable of pushing back against the Western vision of a unipolar world, a Pax Americana at gunpoint.

In radically transforming and strengthening both the Russian economy (making it largely immune to various types of economic attacks) and the Russian military, Putin effectively robbed the global empire of its manifest destiny to rule the globe unchallenged. In response, the empire-builders set out to do whatever it takes to destroy Putin and modern Russia. Yet due to Putin's expert moves on the global chessboard, the empire-builders find themselves with only one effective string to their collective bow with which to take Putin down: black propaganda and dirty tricks.

One example of this black propaganda campaign is the desperate attempts made by the US and its allies over the past 5 years to frame Russia (and Vladimir Putin personally) for carrying out chemical weapons attacks in different parts of Syria. On every occasion, Western governments and media failed to adequately convince Western populations that the allegations were accurate, or at least convince them that anything Putin was doing in Syria was worse than what they themselves were doing. Many people retain the ability to detect blatant BS when they smell it, apparently. 

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