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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

America Must Go To War, Immediately!

Comment: Where are all the left-liberal, anti-war activists? LGBT rights and gender pay gap bs is clearly more important... How ironic it's left to Fox news' Tucker Carlson to blow the trumpet of dissent.

America is approaching its own sordid demise. 


The Liberty Hound

We, as citizens of this sick nation, must not allow these politicians to send our children to die in another needless war. Those who profit from the destruction of our fellows in far off lands and those who work for our military industrial complex, the military and the racist bigots who fuel these flames can not be permitted to savage another million innocent civilians while the their fake tears are wiped away with the trillions of dollars that could be used to feed, clothe and house those people starving around our planet.

We need to go to the streets and shout "No more war, not in my name". I will no longer allow you to kill women and children in our name as you pretend to care for the people of Douma. Should we fail to do so, the last thing we may see in our lives is a mushroom cloud. The choice is ours! Get off your ass and do something! No More excuses.

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