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Monday, 23 April 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Putin, Trump Will Never Allow US-Russia Armed Conflict, Lavrov Says


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gave his thoughts on the recent alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, the US strikes against this Arab country, the Skripal case, the upcoming Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un talks and Russia-US ties in an interview with Director General of Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency Dmitry Kiselev. 

Sputnik: You said that Russia has irrefutable evidence — not highly likely, as London has its own 'irrefutable' allegations — that the so-called chemical weapons attack in Douma was staged by a country that has positioned itself as among the most Russophobic. This country was named by [Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor] Konashenkov; we mean the UK. What proof will we provide of Britain's culpability and when will we do so? 

Lavrov: You know, there is already plenty of evidence in principle. To begin with, this is the video from which it all began and which was probably the main reason and the main pretext for that feverish attack that the Americans, Britons and French staged, launching airstrikes at chemical weapons production and storage facilities, as they alleged. Probably, even an ordinary person can understand that if you know where a chemical weapons depot is located, bombing the facility means only one thing: creating a humanitarian catastrophe for those who live in the area.

The video clearly shows unprotected people, except, perhaps, some of them wearing gauze bandages, pour water on boys and some adults. When liberating this part of Eastern Ghouta, our military found two doctors who worked in this hospital and these doctors showed themselves on this video, talking about how some people broke in and began to shout: "chemical attack, you must immediately pour water on yourself! " And it was honestly said by those doctors, who did not hide their faces and who identified themselves. 

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By the way, I recently watched Euronews; if I'm not mistaken, they showed a woman who had everything — both face and the body — covered, there was only a narrow slit for her eyes. She did not give her name and she held two boys by the hand, saying that they were her children, who also found themselves in a situation where they had a headache and did not like the smell. She also began to sniff and she did not like this smell either. Then she concluded her speech with the phrase that afterwards the husband took the children to the doctor. 

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