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Sunday, 15 April 2018

IG Report Presents New Evidence Obama DOJ Sought to Shut Down FBI Investigation Into Clinton Foundation

The highly-anticipated Inspector General report on the firing of former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe was released Friday afternoon.


The report is very damning; McCabe lied under oath several times.

The Inspector General report also presented new evidence Obama’s DOJ sought to shut down the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

The report by the Office of Inspector General criticizes McCabe for “lack of candor” regarding his disclosure to Wall Street Journal reporters before the 2016 election.

McCabe lied at least three times under oath, he lied to the Inspector General and lied to James Comey.

Not only did McCabe deserve to be fired, he should be prosecuted and put in prison.

The Wall Street Journal, which is at the center of the accusation against McCabe’s media leaks did previously report that there was an internal struggle between the DOJ leadership and FBI agents investigating the Clinton Foundation.

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