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Friday, 13 April 2018

Elon Musk Warns:AI could become an ‘immortal’ digital dictator

As if the world didn’t have enough dictators to worry about, Elon Musk says that our future authoritarian leaders will be AI. Musk has previously warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence, particularly if control of it is concentrated the hands of a power-hungry global elite. He suggests that an AI dictator would know everything about us (thanks to being connected to computers across the planet), would be more dangerous to the world than North Korea and would unleash “weapons of terror” that could lead to the next world war. To top it all off, unlike human dictators, an AI dictator would never die.

According to Musk, this dark future awaits us if we don’t regulate AI. “The least scary future I can think of is one where we have at least democratized AI because if one company or small group of people manages to develop godlike digital superintelligence, they could take over the world,” Musk said in the new documentary Do You Trust This Computer? “At least when there’s an evil dictator, that human is going to die. But for an AI, there would be no death. It would live forever. And then you’d have an immortal dictator from which we can never escape.”

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