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Friday, 20 April 2018

Satellite surveillance startup aims to monitor entire Earth & stream video in real-time

Comment: And the global panopticon just got even bigger...



US-based startup EarthNow, which plans to deploy a constellation of hi-tech satellites to monitor the entire surface of Earth and stream HD footage 24/7, has secured backing from many notable investors, like Bill Gates and Airbus.

Though the contribution made by Microsoft’s founder is not disclosed, Gates is just one of many investors who are helping EarthNow reach for the stars. Other investors, including Airbus, the SoftBank Group, and tech entrepreneur Greg Wyler also support the initiative, to deploy a large network of state of the art imaging satellites that will deliver “real-time, continuous video of almost anywhere on Earth.”

“We created the world’s first low-cost, high-performance satellites for mass-production to bridge the digital divide. These very same satellite features will enable EarthNow to help humanity understand and manage its impact on Earth,” Wyler said.

The company’s goal is quite ambitious: It wants to create a global network of some 500 satellites, through which billions of users will be able to see places on Earth and monitor events almost in real time, with a tiny delay of less than a second. EarthNow’s founder and CEO, Russell Hannigan, explained that the satellite network can be used to monitor illegal activity from space or to detect weather conditions before they threaten the public. “We are excited by the prospect of giving everyone a stunningly-beautiful real-time window on your world from space. With EarthNow, we will all become virtual astronauts,” said Hannigan. 

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