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Saturday, 7 April 2018

The real mind control: All mass media corporations are "extremely dangerous to our democracy" (VIDEOS)


Earlier this week, a video made by Deadspin made the rounds of social media depicting local newscasters reciting clearly scripted lines warning of the dissemination of fake news on social media.

The irony was almost too much to stomach as the screen was filled with newscasters announcing in chilling unison : "This is extremely dangerous to our democracy." The original post by Deadspin on Facebook was captioned with an eerie but nonpartisan warning: "Here's what happens when one corporation owns all the TV stations." Sinclair broadcasting company has since been under fire as details of the script and commands to air the promo were exposed.

A number of mainstream media outlets have jumped on the bandwagon with utter condemnation of the company, citing Sinclair as an example of how the Trump administration's relationship with the corporation has resulted in this nightmare scenario. The story goes that Trump's cronies in conservative media are now ordering "must air" segments accusing mainstream media of being "fake news" just as he has accused them many times.

The not-so-subtle implication is that Sinclair has crossed a line that no other media outlet dare cross and that by denouncing Sinclair they indicate that the problem lies primarily within the company. The long-running tropes of Trump as Putin-puppet, despot, and demagogue only reinforce this idea that an Orwellian world has manifested via Trump's administration.  

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