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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Theresa May – Wannabe Con Artist of the Year?

Grete Mautner
New Eastern Outlook

The image of a fatal woman or femme fatale is a sort of an ideal that some women would pursue throughout their lives. This is particularly true for businesswomen, and those females that are dreaming about a political career, as those are generally inclined to show the world that no heels are too high for them. However, a femme fatale of today is unlike Teffi’s classic demonic woman that would wear the black velvet cassock, the chain on her forehead, the bracelet on her leg and the portrait of of Oscar Wilde on her left garter.

Yet, it was Oscar Wilde who made the adventurous spirit of “Jersey Lily” extremely popular with English girls, using her as prototype for his protagonist in Lady Windermere’s Fan. The real name of “Jersey Lily” was Emily Charlotte Langtry, but she would be forever remebered by her nickname. Born in 1853 on the island of Jersey in the family of a priest, she would adhere throughout her life to the belief that one’s captivating appearance and self-confidence were enough to navigate this life without much hardship.

This play and its message did not go unnoticed by Theresa May, who while following in the steps of “Jersey Lily” decided to become MP in the House of Commons as early as in her forties. Then, thought 1997-2002. she would be occupying all sorts of secondary positions in the Conservative shadow cabinet to later become first female Tory chairman. After the 2010 elections she was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities almost simultaneously. Moreover, these appointments were followed by May becoming Britain’s second Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that such a breathtaking political career can compromise anyone’s integrity, and it seems that May is no exception, since she at some point in time decided that her catastrophic handling of the Brexit situation wouldn’t be enough for her to make history.

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