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Sunday, 29 April 2018

This Startup Is Training AI to Gobble Up the News and Rewrite It Free of Bias

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Bias in journalism is nothing new, but there are growing concerns technology is pushing us into echo chambers where we only hear one side of the story. Now a startup says it’s using AI to bring us a truly impartial source of news.

Knowhere launched earlier this month, alongside an announcement that it had raised $1.8 million in venture capital. The site uses AI to aggregate news from hundreds of sources and create three versions of each story: one skewed to the left, one skewed to the right, and one that’s meant to be impartial.

Natural language processing algorithms trawl through more than a thousand news sources to identify popular stories, the company told Motherboard. It analyzes these stories for narrative, facts, and bias and uses the resulting database to put together three versions of the story. In non-political stories the categories are impartial, positive, and negative.

These stories can be written in anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes, depending on how much disagreement there is between sources and human editors, who then give the article a once-over before it goes live.

The company says its aim is to get machines to do what humans can’t: sift through the flood of stories written about major events to distill the most salient facts and narratives.
“We are practicing a form of journalism that overcomes information overload and its resulting silos, attempting to reconcile the many different narratives spun out of every story, and taking our first steps towards a truly comprehensive and comprehensible source of record for all,” co-founder and chief editor Nathaniel Barling said in a statement.

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