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Friday, 11 May 2018

Bt Cotton | Thanks Monsanto For Poisoning Our Food Supply!

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Monsanto are famous for their continual attempts at killing off all that lives on Planet Earth while getting paid by us to do it, from Agent Orange to Glyphosate Monsanto are the masters of toxic chemical creation and effective distribution.

The latest concerns being addressed are that of Monsanto’s BT Cotton, BT Cotton is genetically modified to express a toxin whose gene has been derived from a soil bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis, and hence is commonly referred as Bt. The crop entered India initially back in the late 90’s without approval, the way in which this happened is in much debate, however many believe the contamination of indian crops with the GM seed was an intentional one by the Manufacturers themselves.

Later in 2002 Monsanto got approval for the Bt Cotton and now the majority of Cotton in India is of the Bt Cotton variant.

So is this BT Toxin in our food supply?


Although the industry will claim “No”, in reality this is purely because the testing for such things is not in place, Firstpost reports:
While the industry and the Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR)-Nagpur reports claim that there are no Bt toxin in the oils, but are Bt toxins leaking into our food chain? The reality on the ground seems to be obfuscated.  The regulatory authority FSSAI, has no parameters in its guidelines nor has it placed any tests or requirements on the cottonseed oil industry or the edible oil industry to perform the required safety tests for the detections of the Bt toxins. They conveniently used the industries’ standards to declare the cottonseed oil safe. In simple terms, this is like trusting oil and automobile corporations on climate change or emissions.
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