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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Celebrate Loud, Long And Unapologetically When Psychopath McCain Finally Dies

Caitlin Johnstone


Arizona Senator and murderous psychopath John McCain is rumored to be at death's door, and already the world is being admonished by high-profile empire loyalists not to voice any criticism of his blood-saturated, obnoxiously long career.

"Anti-McCain twitter seems to have reached new heights (or depths) of repulsiveness," tweeted Iraq-raping PNAC founder Bill Kristol to thunderous applause from #Resistance Twitter. "In the hope that a few of the haters see this, let me say: I'm proud to have voted for John McCain for president three times (2000 & 2008 primaries & 2008 general), and for Donald Trump...never."

"John McCain reminds us that American greatness is made by those who understand that character is the sum of one's hardest choices; that reality is not a TV show; that fame is mist but honor granite; that heroes don't need fixers on retainer," the Washington Post's David Von Drehle preemptively eulogized in a nauseating article titled "John McCain isn't the ideal messenger. He's the ideal message."

"STFU, Trumpites," scolded the somewhat less subtle Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast. "John McCain is 50 times the person you'll ever be."  

Other commentators have had other ideas.

"These repressive decrees prohibiting criticisms of John McCain as he dies are like those who insist gun control not be spoken of after mass shootings," tweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald. "Discussions of his life are inherently political. If you're going heap praise on & sanctify him, you can't also silence critics."

"Insisting on the right to convert every US political leader into a heroic & noble saint upon death, while condemning critics as gauche & classless, is propaganda," Greenwald added. "It's easy to dismiss all the deaths McCain has caused because they're distant and invisible, but they still matter."

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