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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

New poll shows 63% of Brits say mass migration is too high


 In what should serve as another reminder that the British public want to see an end to mass migration, YouGov have found that 63% of Brits think the current level of migration is too high - with only 22% saying they support levels seen at the moment.

Support for slashing levels of migration includes 84% of Conservative voters, 49% of Labour even 43% of LibDem supporters. 

 57% of those asked want less or no unskilled migration, but are much more supportive of skilled workers coming in which is seen as the top positive of migration.

The top concerns however are of migrants claiming benefits and the pressure put on housing and public services.

Meanwhile the vast majority, 71%, support a so-called 'hostile environment policy' requiring people to show documents for opening bank account, accepting jobs or renting.

It serves as a wake-up call amid rumours of a government sell-out on migration. There is big public support for proper controls and a reduction in numbers. Outside of the European Union, there are no excuses. Mass migration must be ended and replaced with a sensible policy approach based on what Britain's economy requires.

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