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Friday, 4 May 2018

Why the Deep State Hates Putin

Chris Kanthan

 Russophobia in America today is as intense as it was at the height of Cold War when terrified school kids had "Duck and Cover" drills and the public was obsessed with bomb shelters. However, all the drama hides the real conflict: geopolitical power struggle for world domination, which involves hundreds of trillions of dollars, massive egos of Machiavellian elites, and nations driven by memory of the past and visions of the future.

Here's the big picture: it's a geopolitical battle of USA + EU versus Russia + China. The US and EU are governed by the same banking and military-industrial overlords, while Russia and China - two independent countries - have made an alliance out of necessity. Why? If Russia falls, China will be the next. 

Get the bear, you get the dragon, and thus you get the world.

But here is the kicker: the globalists did trap the bear in 1991 when the USSR collapsed. However, rather than befriending the bear, they caged it and then starved, tortured and humiliated it for the next eight years. That's when the bear tore down the cage and fought back.

Betrayal in the 1990's

The biggest theft of the century happened in Russia in the 1990's, and the perpetrators were Wall Street shysters who promised miracles of capitalism, but instead dismantled the entire country. In the name of privatization, Russia was put up for fire sale. A handful of Russian oligarchs, carefully selected by the US, ended up with assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars. In exchange, each Russian citizen got a "share" worth $7. The US taxpayers even subsidized this disgusting racket. 

Under this shock therapy administered by American vulture capitalists, Russia's GDP fell 40%. The country was loaded up with crushing debt from the IMF and World Bank, and poverty and suicide soared.

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