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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

New Theory Says Multiple Personality Disorder Could Solve the Mystery of Consciousness

Chris Mahon
Outer Places

Ready to have your mind blown?

A new paper published in The Journal of Consciousness Studies claims that consciousness isn't a unique property of humans—rather, the entire universe is conscious, and humans are all manifestations of its multiple personalities.

The proposition, based on research into dissociative identity disorder in humans, is meant to solve a perennial problem in philosophy: the "hard problem" of finding where consciousness comes from and understanding its true nature.

The hard problem of consciousness can be summed up like this:

Humans are made up of a bunch of matter (atoms) that organizes itself into biological systems (sensory organs, the brain, etc.), but if humans are just assemblies of various systems, why are we able to reflect on those systems and have individual, subjective experiences?

Why aren't we unthinking automatons?

Of course, the question of where human consciousness comes from is made even more difficult by the fuzzy definition of what actually constitutes "consciousness."

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