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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. asks why liberals lose their minds and abandon all principles when it comes to the issue of vaccines

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(Natural News) One of the basic tenets of liberalism, at least in a classical sense, is the idea that government is necessary to protect individual liberty. It’s a doctrine that centers around emancipating the individual from undue subservience to oppressive authoritarian ideals, whether they be cultural, ethnic or otherwise. But when it comes to certain pet issues like vaccines, for instance, many liberals take a completely opposite approach in defiance of personal freedom.

While claiming to champion “tolerance” above all else for things like abortion on demand and unlimited “rights” for members of the LGBT cult, many liberals all but lose their minds when the idea of vaccine choice is brought to the table. Somehow, making medical decisions for oneself is entirely off limits whenever these decisions defy what the rest of the “herd” is expected to comply with – something that vaccine truth advocate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sees as a major societal problem.

In a recent article, Kennedy unpacks the duplicitous nature of many liberal-leaning media outlets that seem more than willing to discuss issues related to pharmaceuticals, but that ignore or even censor all honest discussion about vaccine science (or more accurately the lack thereof). 

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