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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Theresa May has Clearly Overstayed her Welcome

Grete Mautner
New Eastern Outlook

It seems that Theresa May took office only yesterday, but the general public is showing signs of ever growing frustration with this political figure. 

According to the official record, the sitting British Prime Minister assumed office on July 13, 2016, becoming second woman in the UK history after Margaret Thatcher to be employed in that capacity. 

Her grandfather pursued military career, while her father was a village vicar who died in a car accident when Theresa was just a student. Soon her mother that was stricken with grief passed away too. In a short while, the young girl learned that she couldn’t have children. To make the matters worse, Theresa May has been suffering from diabetes, which forces her to inject herself with insulin four times a day.

Before she assumed office, she was occupying the position of Secretary of State for the Home Department , which is no small achievement in the modern British political scene. Before May took charge of the Home Office, it was considered to be a cursed place. Five of Teresa May’s predecessors took charge of it while being described as promising politicians, but then had to leave it completely discredited and disgraced.

All of the above listed troubles have transformed May in the person she is today. Some people describe her as frankly boring, yet most experts agree that there has been an abundance of “jolly people” in British politics lately.

To make the matters worse, it’s pretty much impossible to negotiate anything with the sitting prime minister of the UK these days. Fellow Tories say it’s bloody difficult to talk some sense in her, but May certainly does not approve of this manner of speaking, since she does not use fowl language.

This means that if Theresa May has made up her mind about anything, it is useless to even try to apply pressure on her, since it will only make her more resilient.

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