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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Antifa: Growth of an American Insurgency

Corey Schink

While Trump hoped the release of the long-awaited Inspector General report on June 14th would exonerate him and lead to real investigations into real criminals, it instead revealed a tepidness that led some commentators to the conclusion that the Inspector General is 'not merely afraid' of the FBI, but that he 'isn't sure that Trump is going to win the war' political insiders are waging against him. 

The latest family separation crisis along the border is part and parcel of that war. It was no doubt timed to steal headlines from the release of the IG report. Since its release the media, Democrats and Progressive groups have dominated those headlines and taken the war against the Trump Administration to an entirely new level. Psychological Warfare

Since Donald Trump's election numerous 'Antifa' groups have been established with the primary goal of 'fighting fascism in America'. They're infamous for attacking protesters, stalking people they call 'fascist,' vandalism, shutting down annual events, and for generally being gangs of brown shirts.

In his book Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning author Jonah Goldberg defines fascism in the following way:

Fascism, at its core, is the view that every nook and cranny of society should work together in spiritual union toward the same goals overseen by the state. "Everything in the State, nothing outside the State," is how Mussolini defined it.
As Goldberg argues, while the Left claims to be in a war against right-wing fascists, the reality is that Nazism and fascism, along with the other revolutionary pathological movements of the 20th century, originated on the Left. Why? Because those on the Left are the first to abandon tradition, resort to mob violence, and demand state interference in private lives in order to remake society on the basis of some delusional utopia. We see it in the Feminist drive to redistribute wealth from men to women, the gender-pronoun debacle that legislates the spoken word, and the steady creep of the state into men and women's private sex lives. And we see it most nakedly today in the rise of Antifa.

A 2017 poll found that most Democrats (71%) agreed with their logic - that Trump's campaign contained 'fascist undertones' and that he was racist. By repeating 'Trump is racist' and 'Trump is Hitler' as their mantra, the entire Democratic Party has become re-aligned with the Antifa movement, and has embraced its peculiar 'logic'. That 'logic' is as follows:

  • Trump is Hitler
  • Therefore, he will do what Hitler did
  • He must be stopped before that happens
  • Anything that furthers that end is not only morally right, it is morally necessary
That is their logic but, lacking evidence, it survives primarily on emotionally fueled propaganda and paramoralisms supplied by the MSM. With the family separation issue on the border, the media had the 'hook-up' so many of these addicts wanted as an excuse to rage across the nation.

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