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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Cart Before the Horse: UK Media Immediately Blame Russia for Amesbury Incident

Comment: You really couldn't make this up. UK press is an utter embarrassment.



News of the hospitalization of a man and woman believed to have been poisoned in the town of Amesbury, England under mysterious circumstances have prompted some British media to immediately start speculating that Russia was to blame, despite police insistence that there is no evidence to that effect.
A UK police source has told Sputnik that British law enforcement have no information to link the Amesbury suspected poisoning of a couple in their 40s to the widely publicized Skripal poisoning case, which took place in neighboring Salisbury in March.

The source said he felt that the media's response to the Amesbury incident has already been "excessive," adding that the investigation will continue and that the public will be informed based on the statements of police pending further developments. Police statements made to other media have been similarly conservative, emphasizing that they remain "open-minded" about the cause of the incident, and that further tests of the substance that poisoned the couple would continue.

British Tabloids: Russians Did It

However, despite police uncertainty, and just a few hours after the story broke, newspapers began comparing Amesbury to the Skripal case, whose poisoning the UK media and British government blamed on Russia, despite the fact that no evidence of Moscow's involvement has ever been presented.

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