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Friday, 13 July 2018

Nicaragua's Violent Protests Have Killed 241 So Far


On Thursday, police captured three men traveling to the ongoing protests carrying four containers of ammunition for AK-47 rifles. 

According to a new report for the Nicaraguan Truth Commission, violent protests that have shaken the country since April have killed at least 241 people so far – one of several conflicting death tolls released in recent days.

Nearly half of the deaths, a total of 110, occurred in the capital city of Managua, in districts one and seven. Masaya, Carazo, Leon, Esteli and Matagalpa have also reported high levels of violence.

The report breaks down deaths by occupation, with 65 considered 'self-employed,' 49 listed as 'workers,' 31 unemployed and 18 police.

Almost three months of demonstrations demanding the resignation of President Ortega have left over 260 people dead in the bloodiest protests since Nicaragua's civil war drew to in an end in 1990, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) said July 11.

Meanwhile, the NGO Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (Anpdh) reports that as many as 351 demonstrators have died, while at least 2,100 have been injured in the last three months.

On Thursday, police captured three men traveling to protests, carrying four containers of ammunition for AK-47 rifles. The men, all in their twenties, will be charged with terrorism, organized crime, and illegal possession of weapons.

The arrests were made at a police checkpoint in Nindiri. The police were searching for people perpetuating the violent acts in the country, continuing the wave of violence that has rocked Nicaragua since April.

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