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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Revisiting Time Magazine’s 2016 “Screens in Schools Are a $60B Hoax” by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras. It’s Only Become Worse.

B.N. Frank
Activist Post

Almost 2 years ago, TIME magazine published an opinion piece by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, author of Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids—and How to Break the Trance

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras didn’t mince words.
Tech in the classroom not only leads to worse educational outcomes for kids, which I will explain shortly, it can also clinically hurt them. I’ve worked with over a thousand teens in the past 15 years and have observed that students who have been raised on a high-tech diet not only appear to struggle more with attention and focus, but also seem to suffer from an adolescent malaise that appears to be a direct byproduct of their digital immersion. Indeed, over two hundred peer-reviewed studies point to screen time correlating to increased ADHD, screen addiction, increased aggression, depression, anxiety and even psychosis.
Most of us have been witnessing this firsthand in our families and everywhere else.  Today’s young adults and children have more problems – and different problems – than those of us that didn’t grow up with technology 24/7.  We are all suffering because of it.

Dr. Kardaras asked us to follow the money.  You may want to follow up with a shower:

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