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Thursday, 12 July 2018


Vanessa Beeley 
21st Century Wire

Nepotism and corruption are nothing new, particularly in the corporate or political sphere. In 2013 Boris Johnson’s brother Jo was appointed head of No 10’s policy unit under David Cameron. As the Guardian article noted, this appointment did not appear to be a crucial necessity:  “it’s not as if anyone had complained of a dire shortage of Johnsons in the public eye, or of Old Etonians in the cabinet.” 

Bullingdon Club, Oxford 1987. Boris Johnson seated on right, Cameron second from left standing at back. (Photo: Telegraph)
Cameron and Johnson are both “Old Etonians” and shared the notoriety of being members of the elite Bullingdon Club at Oxford, whose members were renonwned for ostentatious displays of wealth, raucous, hard-drinking dinners and the exclusion of women from their ranks.

I am not going to dwell upon the vagaries of such clubs and networks that united the establishment elite into an exclusive consortium of wealth and privilege that has served them well throughout their careers and countless falls from grace.

However, now the White Helmets are involved believe it or not in a way that fully exposes the nepotism and corruption at the highest levels of policy making and intervention into the affairs of a sovereign nation, in this case, Syria.

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