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Friday, 13 July 2018

Yemen’s Houthis Down Saudi Jet as It Returned From a Bombing Run

Mint Press News

On Thursday morning, Yemen’s Air Defense Force shot down an aircraft belonging to the Saudi-led coalition with a surface-to-air missile after it took part in airstrikes against residential villages in northern Saada. The Saudi-led coalition confirmed that it lost a Tornado fighter jet, but claims the aircraft fell due to a technical issue and that the pilot survived the crash.

A Yemeni military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told MintPress that the fighter jet was targeted after it launched airstrikes against residential villages in the Alaf district in Yemen`s northwestern province of Saada.

The incident was reported on the Yemeni Army’s official website, September 26th. A statement on the site read, “The hostile plane fell after returning from carrying out hostile missions in Saada province,” but gave no further details.

This is not the first time Yemen’s military has successfully downed a coalition aircraft. In fact, Yemeni forces have successfully shot down high-tech coalition aircraft on several occasions.

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