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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Skripal – The Stupid Propaganda The State Can’t Let Go

Iain Davis
In This Together

The alleged Skripal chemical weapons attack is the UK state propaganda narrative it refuses to let go. Today (16/08/2019) the unquestioning parrot media are reporting that an unnamed police officer was poisoned with the deadly nerve agent Novichok during the immediate Skripal poisoning response. 

Eighteen months after the incident, they are still flogging this dead horse.

The whole fantasy has largely been propagated by the MSM. So I am going to cite them here, just to illustrate the numerous contradiction in their ludicrous yarn.

If you want to understand my take on this silliness then, before reading the rest, get a coffee, sit back and watch this video. [...]

According to the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Policing network (CTP) scientists from the the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl) at Porton down have confirmed “that traces of Novichok were in the blood sample” of the officer concerned.

We need to be very clear about what Novichok (the family of nerve toxins) is supposed to be. It is said to be a deadly military grade nerve agent. The bottle supposedly used to deliver the Novichok was found a couple of months after the attack. The lead investigator, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Hayden, stated that it contained enough of the lethal nerve agent to potentially kill thousands of people.

He was right to be terrified, Novichok was said to be at least 5 times to 10 times more deadly than VX. It is unimaginably lethal, real nightmare stuff. Just 10mg of VX is enough to kill and Novichok is much worse. It is so deadly that Professor Alastair Hay (OBE,) a UK Government chemical warfare advisor, said just 50 micro-grams, that’s 50 millionths of a gram or 0.00005 g, is a lethal dose. To put this into perspective, that’s about a tenth of the size of a grain of sand.

Furthermore, Gary Aitkenhead, the chief executive of Dstl, reported that there is no known antidote to Novichok. The nerve agent was specifically designed to make possible oxim antidotes useless. Negating the third step in the three step process required if you ever hope to save anybody exposed to Novichok.

Exposure to Novichok is fatal unless aggressively managed. So the Skripal’s recovery was truly unbelievable because no one knew what they had been poisoned with a nerve agent for nearly two days and they were treated for a suspected Fentanyl overdose.

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