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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Why Not Stop Attacking Russia?
Karl Müller

A cursory perusal of what big media says leads one to "understand" that, even if it is no longer Soviet and no longer proclaims the dictatorship of the proletariat, the Russian bear is still almost as wicked and dangerous as at the time of the USSR. Is this a reflection of reality or an image that the media complex is trying to anchor in our minds? In the article we reproduce today, Karl Müller explores the why of this campaign.

Some argue that the international situation has eased in recent months. We avoided a war between the United States and its allies and Syria. There was also an agreement with Iran. Moreover, the United States, which over the past 20 years led the "West" in a series of wars against international law, would meanwhile have become so weak that they would no longer be able to lead other major wars. In addition, the allies of the United States, beginning with other NATO member states, most of which are also members of the European Union, would not be able to engage in wars without the USA.

Is easy to lose sight of the fact that Washington has moved its aggressive intentions towards the countries of the Pacific and the members of the European Union (under the direction of Germany?) - under cover of the NSA affair - will act as supplements to the United States in the Middle East and Africa.

The numerous reports on the "tense" situation in Asia, currently between China and Japan, play different roles. On the one hand, they can serve as propaganda against China and secondly they will constitute a kind of alarm to "prove" the importance of the U.S. presence in the Pacific to the Europeans but also, and this is their ultimate goal: the preparation of a war against China.

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