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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Here Is The Real-Time Flight Path Of The Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17

Comment: ANOTHER Malaysian Flight MN-17 flies directly across a major conflict zone and precisely on the border between Donetsk and Luhansk initially directly through the centre of Kiev. That alone is utterly beyond all logic. Contact was lost at 33,000 ft. the plane was a Boeing 777. (for numerology buffs) And of course, Pro-Russian separatists are being blamed by Kiev US proxy-government. You can bet your devaluing dollar that Anglo-American-Zionist factions are determined to bait Russia into a cold war blood-bath. 

Who allowed this plane to fly across a no-fly zone? 

Was this the destination of the original Malaysian Flight M370 that went missing but something went wrong? A second attempt at a false flag? 

In summary, this stinks to high heaven and marks another deeply troubling turn for the worse.


Zero Hedge

First it was MH-370. Now, it appears tragedy has struck again, this time on Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17, on route from Amsteram to Kuala Lumpur, which disappeared from radar moments ago and was reportedly shot down over Ukraine. While there is nothing yet officially confirmed by the carrier, the radar tracked path of the airplane is shown below.

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