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Monday, 11 August 2014

Flight MH-17 - a definitive analysis

Probably one of the best which shows Russia had absolutely nothing to do with it. Rather the proxy government in Kiev and the US-NATO are the primary culprits. Nothing new there for those paying attention but this analysis is an important one to download for empirical evidence and to counter those who buy into the Western media propaganda.

Download PDF file delivered by Vineyard Saker.


"100 years ago there was a shooting in Sarajevo. Historians credit this act of violence as being the trigger event for the First World War. It is possible future historians will look back at the shootdown of MH17 as the trigger event for the Last World War.

The following report examines the circumstance surrounding the loss of the 298 lives aboard Malaysian Airways flight MH17. This work was undertaken in response to the current fact freepublic discourse coupled with the strident allegations increasingly reminiscent of the clamour for conflict that lead to WWI. It is hoped that a formal review of the known facts may serve toundermine any belligerent attempt to provoke a wider war.

Section 1 examines what is known about the Buk M­1. Section 2 reports factual data regarding the crash of MH17. Section 3 considers the possibility of the shoot down being the responsibility of rebel forces operating on behalf of the Donetsk Peoples Republic. Section 4 examines the possibility of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) being responsible for the shoot down. Section 5 provides a speculative interpretation of events surrounding the shoot down.

This report is based on information publicly available on August 1st 2014. As new information is released this report may need to be updated. It is anticipated that making this report available for public review will result in both suggestions for improvement and / or the identification of critical gaps in the factual record"

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