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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Wesley Clark & US Internment Camps

Comment: Wesley Clark has had some good things to say in the past ... But he's really gone AWOL on this one:


Martin Armstrong

There is little doubt that the government has been building internment camps and they will be used during periods of civil unrest as socialism collapses. People who think this is just a conspiracy nonsense are totally unfamiliar with how those in government use the law.

I am the longest person ever held by a federal judge in prison on CIVIL CONTEMPT, which was NOT a crime. But I was being “coerced” not PUNISHED although I was placed in the same cell with another person who was being PUNISHED. You see, I personally was not in prison, it was the corporate officer in prison to be coerced because corporations have no rights. So I was legally not in prison as an individual. This is how they play with the definitions of words and intent to justify whatever they want to do.

So do not think for one second that those in government would not use interment camps or that you would actually have to do something to find yourself in one. We have CONSPIRACY, so it is only a matter of what they think you agreed to or believe. You do not have to commit any crime.

Therefore, General Wesley Clark revealed on MSNBC how people in government look down upon those they consider the great unwashed. If you disagree with them on any level, you are the enemy. Do not think otherwise. The Constitution means nothing. In a court of law you have to prove it exists and why the government should not do what it is doing. They get to do as they like and it is ALWAYS your burden to prove you have any rights whatsoever.

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Comment: The following article offers a context as to how Clarke is very far from who we thought he was. His appeal to the moderate conservative is most certainly designed: 

Fmr. NATO Commander Wesley Clark calls for internment camps 'to deal with radicals' in the US and Europe

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