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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Closing the BUK on MH17? Dutch final report is clearly biased

Joe Quinn

Like so much other propaganda that issues from the official Western channels in recent years, the 'official' story about what happened to MH17 has been presented to the public upside down, inside out and backwards.Within a day of the crash, Western governments and their subservient press were screaming "Putin's missile!", without a shred of hard evidence to back up their hysterical claims. Yet with the recent release of the final report by Dutch authorities that pointed the finger at a "9N314M warhead as carried on a 9M38-series missile and launched by a Buk surface-to-air missile system" as the cause of the destruction of the plane, the response from the same Western powers and press has been shockingly muted.

The reason for this should be clear to all: the real goal behind the shoot down of MH17 was achieved in the immediate days and weeks after the crash.

Soon after Putin's immediate "trial by Western media", sanctions were imposed on Russia and the South Stream pipeline agreement between Russia and the EU was cancelled. These and other punitive anti-Russian measures benefited the USA in its long, ultimately futile, war aimed at preventing the emergence of a strong Russia onto the international stage. So, as some suggest about the 9/11 attacks, was the shooting down of MH17 by Ukrainian rebels a stupendously lucky break for Western warmongers in that it came at just the right time to add fuel to its ongoing anti-Russian propaganda campaign? Or is it possible that Western warmongers themselves were responsible for the shooting down of MH17?

Before you decide, there are a few things you should consider.

The Dutch authorities that conducted the investigation were, by default, biased in their approach. This bias stems from the scurrilous and unfounded accusations leveled at Putin in the immediate aftermath of the crash that established an emotionally-charged bogus narrative that a Buk missile must have brought the plane down. From there, the Dutch investigators proceeded to 'fix the facts around the policy' and attempted to show how the plane could have been brought down if a Buk missile was used. Their approach was similar to a police officer deciding that, since the victim was shot by a gun, it must have been a Colt 45.

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