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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Israeli Troops Receiving “Free Permits” To Open Fire On “Suspicious” Palestinians

Mint Press News

Israeli police stand near the body of a Palestinian who, according to the police, stabbed two police officers, then other police forces opened fire and killed him, but also wounded one of their own, at the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015. 

Palestinians carried out two stabbing attacks in Jerusalem on Saturday before being shot dead by police, while another two Palestinians were killed during a violent demonstration near the Gaza border fence. The violence, including the first apparent revenge attack by an Israeli Friday and increasing protests by Israel’s own Arab minority, has raised fears of the unrest spiraling further out of control.

(ANTIMEDIA) United Kingdom — The latest victims of Israeli aggression in the occupied Palestinian territories are 30-year-old pregnant mother Noor Hassan and her 2-year-old daughter Rahaf.  The family was killed in the early hours of Sunday in Gaza, after airstrikes — that Israel claims were targeting Hamas infrastructure — caused their home to collapse.
Since October 1st, the situation in the West Bank, occupied East Jerusalem, and Gaza has deteriorated. Over 20 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1000 injured as official requests by the Palestinian leadership for international protection go ignored.
On October 8th, Amnesty International issued a statement that condemned deliberate attacks on both Israeli and Palestinian civilians. The condemnation also included the widespread use of excessive force by the Israeli army and its failure to protect Palestinians from attacks by Israeli settlers.

Those surprised by these recent events haven’t been paying attention, but should not be blamed. Amid escalations in the region, mainstream news coverage is always lacking in context and portrays the violence as though it arises out of a vacuum. Israelis are historically painted as victims, besieged by their vicious neighbours who want nothing more than to push them into the sea — all while the savage Palestinians attack them for no other reason than violence inherent to their nature.

The insidious reporting not only fails the public, but lets the colonial regime off the hook. Omitting the context of 67 years of brutal military occupation, creeping settlement expansion, and Israel’s extrajudicial killings to focus solely on Palestinian“terror” gives a green light to the armed settler puppets of right-wing politicians to run riot — literally.

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