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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Putin to CNBC: Obama would not give us targets in Syria

Comment: Now that the Anglo-American propaganda hasn't worked and Russia is attacking the terrorists - the very thing that the US is meant to be doing ( recalling that ISIS is wholly a Western Intel creation) - the media is being forced to ask questions... Kudos to Russia and Putin for exposing the lies of the Terror hoax through measured action.


Geoff Cutmore & Holly Ellyatt

The West does not have a clear picture of what is happening in the Syrian civil war, and Russia's military intervention is to target terrorists and not prop up Syrian leader Bashar Assad, Russian President Vladimir Putin told CNBC on Tuesday.

"Let me be clear, we are not going to get into leadership (debates about Syria). There is only one leader in Syria, which is the Syria people," Putin said, answering a question from CNBC at the "Russia Calling" investment forum hosted by Russian investment bank VTB Capital.

"What we're trying to achieve is to contribute to is the fight against terrorism, which is a threat both to the U.S., to Russia, to European countries and the whole world," he said.  

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