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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

NATO Orders Stool-Pigeon Turkey to Shoot Down Russian Jet

Comment: The psychopaths are really getting desperate. Putin will hopefully hold to his course...


Joe Quinn

Want to know why the Russian Su-24 was shot down yesterday? Read on.
Turkish, Saudi, French, British and US-backed terrorists have been operating in Syria for the past 4 years in an effort to overthrow the Syrian government. This cabal wants to remove Assad in order to a) pave the way for Qatari gas to supplant Russian gas to Europe, b) possibly open up a front for a jihadi invasion to destabilize and pressure Iran and Russia, and c) secure Turkish territorial integrity and its long-term role as a buffer zone for Western powers to play in the Middle East sandbox with impunity.

The overall goal then, from a Western perspective, is to do away with the historical crescent of resistance against Western Imperialism and anti-pan-Arab nationalism as represented or supported by Russia/Iran/Iraq/Syria and Lebanon. Israel, of course, is a major supporter of just such a 'new Middle East' because, without it, it might be wiped from the pages of history as a Jewish state. In this endeavor, Turkey, with its long border with northern Syria, has played a primary role in facilitating the training, arming and funding of jihadi head-chopping mercenaries in their four-year war against the Syrian people and government.  

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