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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

SOTT Exclusive: Dutch government invests €1.3 million in anti-Russian propaganda

Amari Roos

During the parliamentary budget debate on Thursday November 19th, Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Bert Koenders announced that the government would invest €1.3 million in 'independent' Russian language media outlet. The money will be donated to the Dutch 'NGO' Free Press Unlimited that runs a regional platform on which Russian-language media organisations can exchange articles and news items.

Koenders said: "The Russian government is exerting an ever tighter control on journalists and media organizations. With our support, we want to ensure that Russian-language media directs themselves, without interfering with what content they broadcast. By stimulating the independent press we want to improve the availability of independent news, so that the Russian-speaking public has options to choose from. That is directly in Dutch interest.

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