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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

"Smart" apartments are spying on everything you do

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Coming to an apartment and home near you, "smart' sensors that spy on everything you do.

According to the video, IOTAS's CEO, Sce Pike claims their surveillance technology allows your home to know you and becomes your ALLY! If spying on us in our homes is considered our ally then I've got a 'bridge' to sell you in Arizona.  Fyi, IOTAS is also dba as

IOTAS is installing "smart" sensors otherwise known as surveillance tech in apartments before they're rented. IOTAS is coming to a property near you....

"In the coming months we'll be rolling out a beta program with partner properties across the country, and can't wait for you be involved."

IOTAS’s partners with property developers and owners, to install apartments with smart outlets, light switches, and motion sensors. The typical IOTAS apartment has about 40 sensors in it!

"Iota" is the ninth letter in the Greek alphabet and it means not an iota of truth, keep that in mind the next time they claim "smart" apartments are more efficient.

Esource reveals how truly invasive IOTAS's "smart" sensors really are...


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