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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Washington’s coup-making strategy: from Brazil to Venezuela

Manlio Dinucci

What is the connection between the following pairs of societies that are geographically, historically and culturally quite distinct: 

• Kosovo and Libya/Syria,
• Iraq and Afghanistan,
• Ukraine and Brazil/Venezuela? 

[The answer]: Being caught up in the US global strategy, illustrated by the Pentagon’s map.
The whole world is divided into “areas of responsibility” each entrusted to one of the “six US unified combatant commands”: 

• the North Command covering North America;
• the South Command covering South America;
• the European Command covering the region comprising Europe and Russia;
• the African Command covering the African continent;
• the Central Command covering Central Asia and the Middle East; and
• the Pacific Command covering the Asia Pacific Region.

In addition to the six geographic commands are three centres [responsible] for operations anywhere in the world: 

• the Strategic Command in charge of nuclear forces;
• the Command for Special Operations; and
• the Command for Transport.

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