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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The elite's social engineering endgame: A battle between the sexes where humanity loses

Joachim Hagopian 

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of."
- Edward Bernays, Master Propagandist
When it comes to human evolution in terms of gender relations in the twenty-first century, it seems we are witnessing an unprecedented backslide into the dark ages. There are no winners in the battle between the sexes, only losers. Violence against women is actually on the rise. As empowered women have slowly gained progress in women's rights, insecure men around the globe have increasingly felt threatened and, as a consequence, have acted out more violently against women. But then on the other hand, the frequency of violence against men committed by women has also grown. Studies for some time have suggested and more are now confirming that women seem just as likely to be violent and controlling toward their intimate partners as men.

That said, up to 70% of women on this earth experience physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lives. Over 600 million women are currently living in nations where no law protects them from domestic violence, the most common form of violence against women. According to the World Economic Forum, not one country on this planet has eliminated its gender gap.

This presentation will examine the current abysmal state of male-female relations worldwide, analyzing possible reasons for this disturbing trend as well as potential solutions for ameliorating this global pandemic that threatens to tear apart the very fabric that for eons has held the basic family unit together... the same institution that deep state and the ruling elite have vowed and are determined to destroy.

The various criteria by which to assess the worsening relations between men and women can be categorized into recent measures of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, murder and divorce rates, gender inequality, the inhumane practice of female circumcision, increasing globally applied female stigmatization and rigidly oppressive double standards. Within the last couple years I've written a half dozen articles on these critical issues exposing the recent surge of sexual violence within the US military (2012 Pentagon report admitting 26,000 sexual assault cases were committed the year before) and across America's college campuses, growing sexual abuse by US law enforcement, human trafficking and sexual slavery, and the pervasively destructive effects by elitist design that social engineering, mind control programming and the tyranny of political correctness have had on blurring, gender bending and otherwise undermining sex roles and sexual relations between men and women. Thus this article can be viewed as a global overview assessing current male-female relations. 


Through Edward Bernays inspired propaganda machine, the ever-powerful mass media effects of news and entertainment industries regularly shape public opinion, conditioning and brainwashing the masses into mind-controlled blind obedience. In recent years the Pentagon and CIA liaisons busily working out in Hollywood systematically censor and control virtually all American filmmaking so that TV and films today are pure propaganda tools brainwashing young men to identify with glorified violence as an inherently honorable and masculine behavior to emulate. With a full century to hone their propaganda skills, television and movies today are nothing short of recruitment tools for enticing misguided young men and women into fighting and dying on foreign soil not for their nation, democracy or freedom but for war profiteers on Wall Street, central bank gangstersand the military industrial complex. The music industry is no better, pumping out misogynistic messages that again glorify violence and disrespect toward women.

From the one-dimensional macho asshole that still reigns supreme as the all-American male superhero to the emasculated, effeminate male wimp, these two cartoonish extremes are about all we see in the mass media these days. Saturated particularly in TV sitcoms and television advertising is the current stereotypical male nearly always depicted as the inept bungler, the impotent fool constantly needing to be rescued or bailed out of trouble by the smarter, stronger female. No healthy, integrated male role models equally comfortable expressing elements of both his feminine side as well as his masculine side are found, and of course like virtually everything nowadays, it's also by sinister grand design.

Compound this meticulously designed social engineering disaster with thought police Nazis militantly enforcing Political Correctness, and the Obama regime is ramrodding his perversely distorted LGBT-second wave feminist agenda down our throats. Mandating penises into the little girls' bathroom is just the beginning. After using bribery threats to cut off federal school funding to states refusing to accept his Common Core's K-12 brainwash-into-oblivion, now that he's finagled 45 out of 50 states stuck with our kids being sexualized into mass confusion years ahead of their developmental schedule, the Manchurian take-down-America president's plan is to inflict untold psychological damage deep into the future. Meanwhile, the rigid mob-ruled PC fanaticism gripping our nation now casts eerily dark shadows as the new McCarthyism superseding the US Constitution by prohibiting free speech under the phony pretense of not offending a single person or group on this entire planet. Obama's Trojan horse policies in this election year have thoroughly polarized, dumbed down, weakened, and cluelessly confused Americans reeling from an upside down criminal underworld coup now unfolding in the US. All of these diabolical machinations are geared to ensure that a handful of Satanic worshipping, pedophiliac elitists wield absolute NWO control over us.

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