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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Money Talks: From ‘smart’ meters to power politics (video)

Take Back Your Power

A bait-and-switch of monolithic proportions

By now, everyone who has been paying attention has realized that within our broken socio-political system, virtually every decision from top to bottom is based on money, corruption and greed.

The 3-part presentation below, filmed in British Columbia in April 2016, will help us all see what’s really going on at a deeper level. I will uncover:

  • how the biggest shareholders in the most destructive (but profitable) companies are the very governments that set the rules so those companies don’t pay taxes, destroy whatever they can for money and violate our core human values,
  • how these entities are actually twisting our good intentions to save our planet to serve their own economic agendas, and to further their control / diminish our rights, and
  • how so-called ‘smart’ meters are a key tool for all of this — and why they’re still being deployed despite a ridiculous level of obvious problems.
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