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Sunday, 19 June 2016

CIA Chief Drops Bombshell — Admits Orlando Shooter Had NO Direct Connections to ISIS

Jay Syrmopoulos


Washington, D.C. – In extremely revealing testimony, director of the CIA John Brennan told the Senate intelligence committee Thursday that CIA has no evidence of a connection between Omar Mateen and the Islamic State.

Despite alleged claims made by the Orlando shooter during the massacre, as well as a chorus of media pundits and politicos that followed; including President Obama, and presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Central Intelligence Agency head Brennan said the intelligence agency has not been “able to uncover any link” between Orlando killer Omar Mateen and the Islamic State (ISIS).
According to a report in The Guardian:
Reinforcing four days of internal government assessments across multiple agencies and a Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry, the CIA director, John Brennan, contrasted “lone wolf” killers in Orlando and San Bernardino last December with recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, which he told the Senate intelligence committee were “directed” by Isis leadership in Syria and Iraq.
In addition to the CIA assessment given to the Senate intelligence committee, the FBI has also come to the conclusion that the killer was not in contact with ISIS before his attack at the Pulse nightclub.

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