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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

English football fans cause more mayhem in France - British government blames violence on Kremlin

English football fans' behavior is notorious in Europe. Theft, vandalism, death threats, rioting, and generally revolting and anti-social behavior are to be expected when they travel abroad to represent their country. And this year's Euro 2016 football competition in France has been no different.

The latest UK government lie about Russia (in what has been a spectacular few years of epic British-American lies about Russia) is that the Kremlin (i.e., VVP himself) trained, organized and dispatched the 150 or so 'martial arts-expert, weapon-wielding, genetically-super-engineered, Russian football ultra-commandos' who 'provoked' England football 'fans' into doing something they never, ever do - act like brain-dead neanderthals in other people's countries - and that it's all part of Russia's 'hybrid warfare' against Western civilization.

It's an absolutely ludicrous assertion of course, but one which is to be expected at a time when British-American monopoly over what exactly constitutes 'Western civilization' is fast eroding.

Let's take a look at England fans' behavior over the years (when no Russians were in sight)... 

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