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Friday, 1 July 2016

SOTT Exclusive: Brexit's main goals: Oust Jeremy Corbyn and expand predatory capitalism in Europe

Joe Quinn

Everyone seems a bit confused about the recent "Brexit", what the point was, who was behind it, who will benefit, who will suffer, etc., etc.

For a start, the "Brexit" vote will change nothing. The UK will not leave the EU, that was not the point, and not really possible unless we are to assume that the Anglo 'elite' are happy to see the complete dismemberment of the United Kingdom itself. The reality of the situation is that the British politicians and backroom boys who pushed for the referendum cannot simply invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty and declare that the UK is leaving. In fact, as has been seen in recent days, they are extremely reluctant to do so. And for good reason.

Before the UK connection to the EU can be severed, the devolved parliaments in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales would all have to agree to such a move. But a majority of the people of both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted against the 'Brexit', and the Scottish First Minister has made it clear that she and her leading SNP party will never accept a departure from the EU and will, before that happens, hold another referendum for Scottish independence, which would undoubtedly result in a resounding 'yes' vote (just like last time). The Northern Irish Assembly is also very unlikely to go along with any move to leave the EU due to the issues it would bring up with the Republic of Ireland.

The stage-managed Brexit referendum provided a 'mandate' from the British people to leave the EU. But the 52% that voted to leave did so largely because of the systematic campaign of fearmongering over ISIS and refugees to which they have been subjected over the past 4 years. Both ISIS and the refugees being a direct result of the US and British proxy war in Syria.

So having created the conditions whereby a majority of Brits wanted out of the EU because of refugees, and then allowing them to express that desire publicly, the Anglo elite is now using that manufactured 'mandate' to threaten the EU central powers (Germany and France) with the possible destruction of their EU superstate. Here are some little known facts about the real center of power in the EU. 

Germany controls the policy, the exchange rate, the quantity of issued debt, the interest rates.

The Germans have tailored a monetary policy (low debt, low deficit, strong currency) that perfectly fits their economy (strong and competitive because the US needed supplier countries created it this way, along with Japan).

Meanwhile this pro-German monetary policy strangles other European countries that are unable to be competitive on international markets (the euro being too strong) and unable to improve their economy (no debt, no loan to boost private and public sectors).

The main victim of a European implosion, then, would be Germany. 

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 "All fundamentals indicate that the global economy is going down regardless of what central banks and international financiers do in the long run. The only question is whether or not they feel it is time to pull the plug on one of the last remaining bubbles (stocks). A successful Brexit could be a perfect scapegoat for the next leg down in the economy, or it could be a perfect placebo to boost markets for a short time if it fails. In either case, I have no doubt that the outcome has already been decided." - Brandon Smith

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