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Friday, 1 July 2016

UK elite using Brexit to remove Corbyn from power

Borislav (Translator)
South Front

The political upheavals marked by Brexit, also griped the shadow Labour government. 172 members of the British opposition party voted that their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, be removed from office in an internal vote of no confidence, which was held on June 28. This means that 81% of the MPs from the Labour Party lowered their trust credit for the eccentric of the British political scene, known for his rebellious character and principles.

Although Corbyn was accused by his colleagues for leading a "lackluster" campaign that failed to convince more supporters to vote to remain in the UK in the European Union, the Labour leader has categorically stated that he has no intention to resign. According to the majority of MPs failure of their campaign is due to their traditional voters, giving their votes for the Eurosceptic Conservatives, led by Boris Johnson, as well as nationalists who blindly follow populist Nigel Farage.

Corbyn's reason to lightly overlook the results of the no confidence vote lightly is that because his colleagues choice doesn't have a rational legitimacy. "Ever since I was elected leader of the party 9 months ago, we are having constant victories vs the government's attacks against the standard of living," he said, adding that last month the Labour Party became first political force within local elections.

The dramatic coup attempt was largely known about. The rebellion against Corbyn began on Sunday with a series of resignations that in no time swelled to more than 50. One reason for the looming discontent in the opposition party was the dismissal of Foreign Minister in shadow, Hilary Benn. While considering Corbyn to be a good man, he announced that their leader can not manage the party and bring it to victory in parliamentary elections. For his part, Corbyn suspected that it was Benn who tried to lead an internal rebellion against him.  

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