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Monday, 23 January 2017

MSM caught faking inauguration crowd size as CNN's president warns Trump his network will deliberately discredit him

Joe Quinn

Anyone who thought that the Western media would cease in its efforts to trash the image of President Trump after inauguration day was sorely mistaken. Trump had not even been sworn in before NY Times' Washington correspondent Binyamin Appelbaum disingenuously tweeted an image of the number of people at the inauguration, before Trump had even arrived, and negatively compared it to an image of Obama's inauguration in 2009.  [...]

Note that the 2009 image is a Getty photo, whereas the 2017 image is a screenshot from a live video feed, which you can tell by the graphic across the bottom of the screen. When questioned about the relative timing of the two images, Appelbaum claimed that the 2009 image was taken at 11:30am, thus half an hour before the commencement of inauguration proceedings, and the 2017 image taken at 11:15am.

The 'story' and image was then picked up and carried by other "news" outlets. PBS published this timelapse video, which they used to support the case for 'large white empty spaces' at Trump's inauguration: 

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