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Monday, 23 January 2017

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev bids farewell to Obama in scathing FB post, damns him with no praise

Alexander Mercouris
The Duran

In scathing final assessment Russian Prime Minister Medvedev accuses former US President Obama of wrecking US-Russian relations by paying no heed to Russian concerns and by underestimating Russia.

Observing Russian practice, Russian President Putin has been careful to avoid making any personal comments about Barack Obama, now no longer President of the United States.

I would add that it is a courtesy that was not reciprocated. Obama on occasion personally, and his officials frequently - including especially Vice-President Biden - spoke of Putin, and did so in the most offensive terms.

It has therefore been left to Prime Minister Medvedev to sum up the Russian government's view of Obama and his administration in - of all places - a Facebook post. 

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