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Friday, 13 January 2017

US Troops Arrive In Poland; Russia Sees It As An Act of Aggression

Anthony Brian Logan

Early in January 2017, around 3,500 United States troops arrived in Poland via Germany. Their mission in Poland is to prevent Russian aggression upon Poland and also the former Soviet states that border Russia such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and even to certain extent - Ukraine. Even though Russia has successfully annexed majority ethnic Russian Crimea. On the other hand, Russia sees the action by the United States as a provocation. Something that will further strain diplomatic relations between the US and Russia.

One thing that is for sure… the timing of this event is questionable. Barack Obama is still the President of the United States until January 20th, just 8 days after the story was officially published on many news outlets in the United States. Donald Trump is the opposite of Obama and will become President when Obama leaves. He has repeatedly stressed the importance of building stronger diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia. So he will be left with the task of either reversing this troop advancement or simply managing it, which of course, will be very difficult either way.

The best outcome for this entire situation is if the United States withdraws troops from that region. Being a globo-cop (global cop) may benefit a country if they request the help of the United States, but other countries may not feel the same way if they are on the opposing side of said “help.” If Russia becomes provoked enough, a war between the United States and Russia could theoretically break out. That would signal World War 3 and a phenomenon known as “M.A.D.” or “mutually assured destruction.” A planetary disaster bad for all of humanity. Worst case scenario, that happens. Best case scenario, this can be cleaned up and fixed by Trump alongside his new administration.

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