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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Successful Houthi Missile Attack on "Saudi War Ship" Spun as "Suicide Gunboat Attack"

Joe Quinn

On Jan. 30th (more or less, no one knows for sure), a "Saudi Frigate" was broadsided in the Red Sea by something that caused a big explosion and killed, reportedly, two "Saudi sailors". Iranian media reported that the Saudi frigate had been hit by an anti-ship missile. This was followed soon after by Saudi media reports that a terrorist attack was carried out by "suicide boats," or small craft laden with bombs. The Western media initially repeated the Iranian report but then corrected that mistake in favor of the Saudi version - of a "suicide gun boat" piloted by a bunch of wild-eyed 'al-Qaeda' terrorists. So which was it? Logic would suggest that it was a missile. The Houthis had previously fired a missile at an Emirati ship last October and the idea that a naval frigate miles out to sea would have allowed one or more small boats loaded with fertilizer to approach it close enough to detonate is laughable. So why did the Saudi and Western governments and media lie about it?

There are several things you need to know in order to understand why this lie was 'catapulted' to the Western public. First, as a general rule, everything bad (like dead soldiers or downed aircraft or ships) that happens to the US military abroad should, if possible, be covered up and prevented from reaching the public, because the image of the US military as invincible is very, very important in bolstering the myth of American exceptionalism.

Second, if something bad does happen to the US military abroad, and the public gets wind of it, it should, in all cases, be blamed on Islamic terrorism, because the myth that the American military spreads freedom and democracy around the world is a very, very important component of the myth of America exceptionalism. Any armed group that attacks the American military must, therefore, be an evil, freedom-hating terrorist group because no honorable, freedom-loving armed group with a justified grievance, anywhere in the world, would ever attack the American military, because the American military never does anything bad, anywhere in the world.

Third, all of America's client or proxy governments tend to adopt this same policy, usually under Pentagon instruction.  

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