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Sunday, 5 February 2017

These 10 magazine covers expose the liberal left’s propaganda movement to overthrow President Trump

The Duran


Yesterday The Duran published a piece on German magazine, Der Spiegel’s cover showing Trump as some sort of crazed ISIS style Jihadi.

It’s obvious that the cover went too far when displaying its hate for President Trump, but the cover’s purpose, and ultimate goal, is shared among many neo-liberal left and neocon right publications…to remove Trump from the Office of POTUS.

To compare even indirectly and in a cartoon cover Donald Trump’s ‘travel ban’ Executive Order with the murderous barbarism of ISIS and of other Jihadis is not merely ridiculous; it is also deeply offensive.
The Der Spiegel cover is in fact a sign of the hysteria and hyperbole that has developed around the person of Donald Trump. If things are not yet quite as bad as they have been with the Western media’s coverage of Putin, it shows that they are heading in the same direction.
Der Spiegel is one of many magazine covers (listed below) that are openly calling for the removal of President Trump. The recent events in UC Berkeley over the weekend show that their message is resonating with a very violent and destructive liberal left contingent.

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